During one week per year, students from UCL of Applied Science and University of Southern Denmark come together in interdisciplinary groups in order to work with predefined real life cases defined by OUH, Odense University Hospital. The purpose of the event is to provide the students with insight in how mono professional knowledge can be converted into new transversal contexts in order to generate solutions or to challenge already-existing solutions.  Moreover, the students are able to gain insight in the Healthcare System and in the procedures of real life industry in general. As an additional advantage, the Healthcare System obtain innovative solutions and an opportunity to work actively with the case.

The object of the event is four cases that are formulated in collaboration with clinics at OUH, Odense University Hospital and the municipality of Odense with input from private corporations.

The InnoEvent was first launched in 2009 as an outcome of a collaboration between the former EAL, Lillebaelt Academy, University of Applied Sciences and OUH, Odense University Hospital.  The combination of including UCL of Applied Science as well as involving companies in 2016 as a result of the project CoLab, has created the InnoEvent that exists today. The event has in fact achieved international recognition. Both Tampere in Finland and Barcelona in Spain has adopted the idea. In 2016, 25 students attended the event in Barcelona and in 2019, 500 students attended what is now known as the Spirit Festival, in Tampere in Finland.