Modules & Courses

Eight online learning modules on Sustainable Waste Management is developed in EduEnvi.

More information of the modules, courses and responsible universities can be found below. Also read here The Report of the completed need’s analysis.

Piloting of the courses will start in the autumn 2019. More about piloting..

The modules and the courses, 60 ECTS

Module 1 Comprehensive risk assessment in waste management
Course 1 Introduction to environmental risks
Course 2 Environmental, social and economic risks
Course 3 Solid wastes and environmental risks
Module 2 Biotechnologies for waste utilization
Course 1 Basics of ecological biotechnologies
Course 2 The Applied Aspects of Using Biotechnological Methods for Waste Utilization
Module 3 Non-energy technologies for waste utilization
Course 1 Basics of waste utilization
Course 2 Reuse of side products and outputs
Course 3 Physico-chemical treatment methods in waste management
Module 4 Energy technologies for waste utilization
Course 1 Waste-to-energy plants and technologies
Course 2 Energy efficient technologies in waste treetment
Module 5 Development of business and entrepreneurship for sustainable waste management
Course 1 Modeling of business processes in the field of waste management
Course 2 Business planning for sustainable waste management projects
Module 6 Public administration and municipal governance in Sustainable Waste Management
Course 1 Institutional approach to SWM decision-making
Course 2 Public and municipal governance in SWM
Course 3 Budget and financial base of SWM
Module 7 Environmental management and waste prevention
Course 1 Waste prevention: sustainable business models, tools and good practicies
Course 2 Application of ISO 14001 for waste prevention
Course 3 Theory and practice of waste management in companies
Module8 Life cycle assessment and life cycle costing
Course 1 Introduction to LCA based on ISO 14040 series
Course 2 Application of LCA for waste prevention