Sustainable Waste Management Curriculum Content Planning

Objectives of the work package:

  1. to plan the course contents
  2. to train teachers

Activities of the work package:

Activities will be organized around 3 WORKSHOPS, combining on-line and face to face meetings, to work in contents planning and teachers training

Contents planning:

Description of 8 Learning modules divided into 20 courses of 3 ECTS, including technical contents and pedagogical methodology

Teachers training:

  • Preparatory material sent to the participants one month in advance.
  • Individual training work under supervison of teacher responsible of each module
  • Training face to face workshops:  talks from lecturers; forums; problems based learning; analysis of diagram processes; modelling of systems; seminars, laboratory, project based learning, use of specific software and field visits.
  • The participants will work to finish the proposed activities the next month.