Learning Innovation and Entrepreneurship through University Industry cooperation

Explore the handbook of How to cooperate with industry on a problem within Sustainable Waste Management written by Ellen Houmøller, MA, Ass. Prof Elisabeth Agerbæk, MA, Ass. Prof. from UCL University College.

The aim of this workpackage is to train academic staff from partner institutions in Russia and Kazakhstan in new teaching and learning approaches. That will be achieved through the implementation of three intensive teacher-training seminars. During the training seminars, the participants will mainly be trained in problem-based learning and there will be a combination of lectures, presentations, job-shadowing, workshops and hands-on practical participation. Furthermore, the participants will be introduced to some specific educational concepts developed and implemented at EAL, e.g. InnoEvent.

The participants will:

  • Gain knowledge about innovation, entrepreneurship, university-industry cooperation, and problem-based learning
  • Develop skills and competences in how to develop and implement teaching and learning activities, where innovation and university-industry cooperation are central elements

During the seminars, the participants have developed plans for how to integrate innovation, entrepreneurship and problem-based learning in the modules developed in the project.

The teacher-training seminars was implemented as follows:

Teacher training at Ural Federal University, April 2019

Teacher training workshop in Spain Valladolid, May 2019