Modules & Courses

Eight online learning modules on Sustainable Waste Management is developed in EduEnvi. EduEnvi Handbook of curriculum presents the 8 modules and 20 courses.

More information of the modules, courses and responsible universities can be found below together with links to the course platforms / instructions how to enroll to the course. Below also posters presenting the courses can be found.

Also read more on how the modules were developed in co-operation of nine universities in the EduEnvi project:

The quality assurance of project deliverables

The Report of the completed need’s analysis

The modules and the courses, 60 ECTS

Module 1 Comprehensive risk assessment in waste management
Course 1 Introduction to environmental risks
Course 2 Environmental, social and economic risks
Course 3 Solid wastes and environmental risks
Module 2 Biotechnologies for waste utilization
Course 1 Basics of ecological biotechnologies
Course 2 The Applied Aspects of Using Biotechnological Methods for Waste Utilization
Module 3 Non-energy technologies for waste utilization
Course 1 Basics of waste utilization
Course 2 Reuse of side products and outputs
Course 3 Physico-chemical treatment methods in waste management
Module 4 Energy technologies for waste utilization
Course 1 Waste-to-energy plants and technologies
Course 2 Energy efficient technologies in waste treetment
Module 5 Development of business and entrepreneurship for sustainable waste management
Course 1 Modeling of business processes in the field of waste management
Course 2 Business planning for sustainable waste management projects
Module 6 Public administration and municipal governance in Sustainable Waste Management
Course 1 Institutional approach to SWM decision-making
Course 2 Public and municipal governance in SWM
Course 3 Budget and financial base of SWM
Module 7 Environmental management and waste prevention
Course 1 Waste prevention: sustainable business models, tools and good practicies
Course 2 Application of ISO 14001 for waste prevention
Course 3 Theory and practice of waste management in companies
Module8 Life cycle assessment and life cycle costing
Course 1 Introduction to LCA based on ISO 14040 series
Course 2 Application of LCA for waste prevention