Second EduEnvi Teacher Training workshop, Yekaterinburg, Russia, April 2019

The second EduEnvi Teacher Training week took place in April 2019. The participants were teachers from ITMO University, Tyumen State University and Ural Federal University, which also housed the workshop. Professors Elisabeth Agerbæk and Ellen Houmøller from UCL University of Applied Science, Odense, Denmark once more led the workshop.

To enhance the sustainability of the project, the professors from Denmark chose to go to Yekaterinburg by train and boat via Stockholm, Helsinki and Moscow. The travel lasted four days and was used to prepare the workshop. The teachers also left Yekaterinburg by train.

The purpose of the teacher-training week was, likewise the teacher-training workshop in Kazakhstan, to introduce a practice of industry/university collaboration in teaching Sustainable Waste Management modules to students. At the workshop, the method for involving an industry challenge in an interdisciplinary teaching project framed the week of work. The workshop was well received as shown by evaluation at the end of the five days.

The teachers from Denmark had a great time and was impressed with the teacher’s work, the warmth of the people and the landscapes of Siberia.