Business planning for sustainable waste management projects, 3ECTS

Leading university in the course development: ITMO University

Learning outcomes

After this course students:

  • can design a business plan for the project in the field of waste management
  • can forecast business processes (BPMN, operation control, time management, etc.)
  • can assess the effectiveness of the use of financial and technical resources in the field of waste management (BEP, KPI, etc.)
  • can make a choice of the best delivery method
  • can apply knowledge of transport routing rules
  • can estimate and minimize¬† the cost of shipping waste

Competences obtained by students:

  • be able to use the tools of business planning for sustainable waste management, make a financial forecast
  • be able to conduct financial and economic justification for choosing the optimal structure of financing
  • be able to solve the objective of transporting and routing waste
  • have skills and competences for calculating the transport costs of waste¬† delivery

Main Topics

  • Special aspects of creating a business plan in the field of waste management
  • Forecasting business processes in the field of waste management
  • Assessment of project effectiveness
  • Waste delivery logistics