Physic-chemical treatment methods in waste management, 3ECTS

Leading university in the course development: al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Learning outcomes

After this course students:

  • can apply proper schemes for waste utilization
  • be able to classify physic-chemical methods of waste utilization
  • can organize a waste treatment based on physic-chemical processes

Competences obtained by students:

  • be able to apply modern methods and schemes of physico-chemical waste treatment in practice
  • be able to define operational parameters of waste treatment based on physic-chemical processes

Main Topics

  • Purification of gases from solid (liquid) impurities
  • Absorption cleaning of gas emissions
  • Catalytic gas cleaning
  • Mechanical sewage treatment
  • Sewage treatment from fine and colloidal impurities
  • Electrochemical wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater treatment from dissolved impurities
  • Mechanical and mechanochemical treatment of solid waste
  • Solid waste disposal and utilization
  • Protecting the environment from energy impacts

Course Poster