Practical aspects of application of life cycle assessment / Application of LCA for waste prevention, 3ECTS

Leading university in the course development: ITMO University

Course Poster

Learning outcomes

After this course students:

  • can demonstrate their ability to differentiate software for LCA applications
  • can use LCA software for the purposes of eco-design of secondary products and processes of waste treatment and choose the best options for by-products made from production waste
  • can use LCA software for the purposes of  eco-labeling and EPD of new products made from secondary raw material

Competences obtained by students:

  • be able to apply relevant software for LCA calculations
  • be able to use LCA software for eco-design of products  from secondary raw material
  • be able to prepare the EPD of product s from secondary raw material

Main Topics

  • Goals and tasks of LCA  and possibilities of LCA software
  • Application of SimaPro in waste management
  • Application of LCA for green marketing
  • Application of LCA for eco-design of products and processes