Reuse of side products and outputs, 3ECTS

Leading university in the course development: al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Course Poster

Learning outcomes

After this course students:

  • have knowledge in the specifics of waste generation in the process, their composition, properties and environmental impact; directions and methods of recycling for the extraction of valuable components
  • can explain engineering and environmental research methods, including methodological, analytical, expert and sociological research
  • be able to apply to conduct laboratory research methods
  • have knowledge in the research methods on various spatial levels, including methods forming monitoring programs for technogenic deposits and sources of their formation;

Competences obtained by students:

  • be able to carry out technological calculations to predict the composition and amount of possible waste when using a given technology for processing raw materials
  • be able to analyze the behavior of waste of known¬† composition during its technological processing

Main Topics

  • The current state of the system¬†waste management in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Fundamentals of industrial waste processing
  • The use of waste paper, wood waste recycling
  • Recycling of metals, slags and ash
  • Recycling and reuse of electronics products
  • Glass waste processing
  • Economic and environmental aspects of waste reuse