Webinar on the topic “Turn Waste Into Your Income”

Al-Farabi KazNU together with the EcoFermer Educational Center was holding a webinar on February 11, 2021 at 15.00 on the topic

“Turn Waste Into Your Income”

within the framework of the international project Erasmus + ” Enhancing Competences of Sustainable Waste Management in Russian and Kazakh HEIs / EduEnvi”.

The speaker was Ten Denis, practitioner in the field of green building, vermiculture, production and use of alternative energy sources. The webinar were attended by students from Al-Farabi KazNU, Kazakh National Agrarian University, Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University, M.Auezov South Kazakhstan University, etc.

Organizer: Department of Thermophysics and Technical Physics, Al-Farabi KazNU.

All interested parties were invited to participate to discuss and exchange new ideas in the field of waste disposal. The number of  webinar participants reached up 87 people.


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